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Navigate the Patient Communications Page

Kareo's Patient Communications function saves you time and increases your practice's income by sending automated appointment reminders and survey requests to patients via email, text message, or phone. Patient Communications also enables patients to confirm appointments, which are then reflected in the Kareo Calendar.

Note: In order for a patient to receive communications:

  • Automated patient communication preferences must be set on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.
  • Messages are sent to email, mobile phone, and home phone data entered on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.

Access Patient Communications

To access Patient Communications, hover over the Platform icon in the upper left of the window and select Patient Communications. The Patient Communications window opens.

Note: If Patient Communications has not yet been activated, you will be prompted with an activation message. Click Turn on patient communications to access the settings.


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Navigate Patient Communications

  1. Click the View As: drop-down arrow to select a provider.
  2. Appointment reminder messages are sent by Email, Text Message, or Phone Message.
  3. Click Record a custom greeting to record your name and practice name in your own voice as part of the phone message reminder.
  4. The timeline displays the different types of automated appointment reminders that can be sent.
  • Before the visit: Appointment Confirmation Message, Advance Notice Reminder, Appointment Reminder, Day-of Reminder
  • After the visit: Surveys, Patient Recall Messages. These options are available to Kareo Marketing subscribers.
  1. Communication method icons (email, text message, or phone) display on each appointment reminder type .
  2. Click on an automated message type to turn it on or off and access additional settings.
  3. Appointment reminders that are turned off display with a red border.


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