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Managed Billing Release Notes December 5, 2016

Kareo's new Billing Tasks enhancements help increase visibility of practice rework that needs immediate action. Now, upon logging into the system, alerts display in the top navigation bar and on the Agenda to notify a user that there are Billing Tasks holding up claims from being processed. In addition, a summary card displays at the top of the Billing Tasks page with details about open tasks assigned to the user.

The new Billing Tasks enhancements are available in Kareo's web and Desktop (PM) applications exclusively for Managed Billing users.

Top Navigation Bar and Agenda Notifications

  1. A red exclamation point displays on the Billing icon in the top navigation bar when there are Billing Tasks past due.
  2. Hover over the Billing icon in top navigation bar to view a summary of past due Billing Tasks. Click Start Tasks or any colored text to access the Billing Tasks page.
  3. The Agenda now features a Billing Tasks Assigned to You card that shows the number of tasks holding up claims and the total dollar value for claims associated with those tasks. Click Start Tasks or any colored text to access the Billing Tasks page.

KMB RN 12-5-16 1.png

Billing Tasks Page

  1. The top summary card displays values for Billing Tasks viewable to you based on your Kareo account permissions.
  • Assigned to you: Shows the number of outstanding tasks that are holding up claims from being processed.
  • Amount Past Due: This number reflects the total dollar amount for encounters associated with open Billing Tasks that are past the assigned due date.
  • Total On Hold: Displays the total dollar amount for encounters associated with open Billing Tasks.
  • Oldest Task: Shows the number of days the oldest Billing Task has been open.
  1. The Sort: drop-down options have been updated to order tasks by Priority (default) or by the number of Days on Hold.
  2. Task categories now include the total dollar amount for claims in the task type. 
  3. The Billing Task list features have been optimized for easier identification.
  • The left column now shows the number of days the task has been on hold (days since the task was assigned to the practice).
  • The patient and provider names have been combined.
  • The right column now shows the dollar amount of the claim associated with the task (if applicable).

KMB RN 12-5-16 2.png

Billing Tasks Permissions

All users in the practice will see the Billings Tasks link under the Billing icon and the Billing Tasks Assigned to You card on the Agenda

The number of tasks that a user sees is based on their role:

  • System Administrators see all tasks.
  • Billers see all tasks.
  • Providers see tasks in which they are listed as the rendering provider or scheduling provider for the corresponding claim.
  • All users see tasks that are specifically assigned to them.

Note: No changes were made to Billing Tasks permissions in the Desktop Application (PM) and all users can still see all tasks. 

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