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Kareo Medical Billing Release Notes May 6, 2016

Kareo Launches a New Platform with Exciting Features & Solutions Built to Make You Successful

We are excited to announce that on Friday, May 6, your existing Kareo account will be upgraded to the latest version, including access to our new platform. This release includes several new functions and features built to make your practice a success.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing New Platform & Modules
  2. New Module Names
  3. New Platform Navigation & Features
  4. Introducing Kareo Marketing
  5. What's New for Kareo Clinical
  6. What's New for Kareo Billing
  7. Solution Center


Introducing Our New Platform & Modules

We've expanded our web capabilities to incorporate other modules (products), giving you the flexibility of using Kareo anytime from anywhere you have internet access. In addition, our updated and enhanced list of system functions offer improved support and workflow processes for your entire staff.  Click to learn more about What's New in Kareo.

Help Center.png

New Module Names

The new Kareo platform provides the ability to access multiple modules (formerly called products) in one convenient place. New module names that provide a more accurate description of the module's functions are another exciting change you'll notice.  

  • Kareo EHR is now Kareo Clinical
  • Kareo Practice Management is now Kareo Billing
  • Kareo Doctorbase is now Kareo Marketing
  • Kareo Medical Billing is now Kareo Managed Billing

New Platform Navigation & Features

Our platform has a new look and centralized navigation from the top of the window that allows you to easily move between modules. Under the new Platform icon menu, you'll find the following functions:  

  • Agenda (formerly called Dashboard)
  • Patients 
  • Calendar
  • Provider Profiles (New!)
  • Documents
  • Patient Communications & Reminders (New!)

New Navigation

RN May 9 new navigation.png

Previous Navigation

RN May 9 Billing users 2.png

Admin Settings is Now Practice Settings 

The Admin Settings previously found under the main Menu have moved to the new Practice Setting section under the User icon on the right of the top navigation bar. In addition, you can view your name and Kareo ID# under the User icon, as well as find access to your settings and user preferences.  

New Practice Settings View

RN May 9 practice settings.png

Previous Admin Settings View

RN May 9 admin 1.png

New Free Provider Profile
Set up your free provider profile to help establish a strong online presence, improve your Google search results, and help funnel patients to your practice’s website. We've made it easy for you to customize and create a professional looking profile that helps establish your expertise, gain the trust of visitors, and provide an easy way to get in touch with you -- all at no additional cost. If you subscribe to Kareo's Marketing module, you can activate the online scheduler that allows patients to request appointments right from your profile. 

Provider Profile.png

New Patient Communications & Appointment Reminders

The new Patient Communications section lets you send automated appointment reminders to patients by text, email, and phone message. Setting up your patient appointment reminders is easy, and you have the flexibility to configure when and how reminder messages are received. Appointment reminder messages include the patient's name, scheduled physician's name, and day, date, and time of the appointment. Best of all, using appointment reminders can free up your staff, increase practice revenue, and decrease appointment no-shows.   

Patient Communications.png

Here is an example of an email reminder that can be sent the day of the appointment: 

Appointment Reminder.png

Introducing Kareo Marketing

The new Kareo Marketing module provides automated marketing and front office tools to help you build your brand online and connect with patients. We make it easy for patients to find you, choose you, promote you, and keep coming back. Kareo Marketing is a fully integrated practice marketing and patient engagement module that helps you attract new patients, manage your online presence, and proactively engage existing patients to grow patient satisfaction and help your practice succeed. Click here to learn more about Kareo Marketing. 

Patient Surveys.png

For Kareo Clinical Users

New Name, Look, and Navigation
Kareo EHR users will notice a change in the system's navigation. Previously located on the left of the top navigation bar, your Menu options are now located under the Clinical icon.  


For Kareo Managed Billing Users

New Look, Navigation, and More

Kareo Managed Billing has navigation changes and new functions to help you get paid for the work you do. Options under the Billing icon include Billing Tasks, Charges, Insurance Collections, Patient Collections, and Analytics.  

New Navigation View

KMB Release May 6 2016 - Image 1.png

Previous Navigation View

KMB Release May 6 2016 - Image 2.png

Billing Tasks

Billing Tasks help you more effectively and efficiently manage any practice rework that needs to be completed. You can now easily view and complete tasks created by your KMB team on one page, and electronically communicate directly with your team for help or questions on a specific task. 

KMB Release May 6 2016 - Image 3.png


View all of your charges in one place. Filtering options allow you to sort and view charges by pending approval or those that have been approved. At the end of your day you can quickly assess to see if any charges have been missed.

Charge Capture

For customers who are not using an EHR, the Charge Capture feature allows you to enter charges directly into Kareo. Select the patient and date of service, then add the codes. Prior to submitting, our rules engine will catch any billing errors. Your claims come out clean the first time, reducing denials and resulting in faster payments.

Charge Capture.png

Insurance Collections

Track and monitor all your claims to ensure your practice receives the payment it deserves. You can filter your claims by provider, location, and date, plus easily search for individual claims. The menu identifies and classifies all your open and outstanding claims. View the status and transaction history for clear visibility into your rejections and denials, so you always know what’s happening.

Insurance Collections.png

Patient Collections

Stay on top of your patient collections by seeing patient balances and statements that were sent. You can also collect a payment from within this window and view a patient's account history.

Patient Collections.png

Billing Analytics
The Billing Analytics page analyzes your revenue cycle so you can proactively take action to keep your practice in a state of good financial health. Benchmark your performance by filtering data over a week, a month, six months, a year, or create your own custom time period. You can drill down into the data by both location and individual provider.

  • Top of Mind conveys your billing performance indicators at a glance when you don’t have the time to carefully study dense reports. 
  • How Much Did I Bill calculates your gross charges and gives you better insight into productivity, potential backlogs, and more. Click Show Details to drill down into the reasons why something may have changed. 
  • How Much Did I Collect calculates your total collections and allows you to compare reimbursement levels by payer. This will enable you to actively manage your payer mix and never be dependent on any one payer.  
  • How Much is Outstanding tracks your accounts receivable balance so you can better identify any potential problems and quickly fix the root causes.

Billing Analytics.png

Solution Center 

The new Solution Center is your one-stop-shop to learn about the other solutions in our platform and how they will benefit your practice. If you are interested in signing up for another module, it is fast and easy to get started. Access to all of our modules – Clinical, Billing, and Marketing – can be found in the Solution Center. You can also sign up to use our Patient Payment feature, which allows you to collect patient balances faster and easier.

Solution Center.png

Kareo Support Hours
Kareo support representatives can be reached at 888-775-2736 Monday–Friday from 5AM–5PM Pacific Standard time, excluding national holidays. If you have any questions outside of these hours, we encourage you to visit our online Help Center, or send an email to  

Your Feedback
At Kareo, we continue working hard to make medical billing easy for you. Customer feedback drives our service and ensures we build the features that matter most to you, so your input is critical to us. Please submit your suggestions, challenges, and ideas for our next release here – Give Feedback.

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