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Intake Process

1. Scheduling an Appointment

  • Locate patient in Kareo, if new patient:
    • Create a new record.
    • Issue new patient paperwork to be completed prior to appointment, via website or email after appointment is scheduled.
  • Open the Calendar to schedule appointment:
    • Select the appropriate time/day slot.
    • Enter visit reason and any notes about the appointment
    • Verify phone number
  • Remind patient to bring in copay/coinsurance at time of visit.
  • Verify Insurance information, if possible run eligibility check while patient is on phone.

2.  One to Three (1-3) Days Prior to Appointment 

  • Run eligibility check, if it has not been run yet.
  • Verify if additional information is required for appointment (authorizations, referrals, etc.). If needed, be sure to obtain all required documents prior to appointment.
  • Confirm appointment and remind them to bring copay/coinsurance.
  • If new patient, remind them to bring new patient paperwork.

3. Day of Appointment

  • Before seeing any patients, complete the following:
    • Run eligibility checks for everyone.
    • Print patient balance sheets
    • Print encounter forms, if you practice is still using paper forms

4. Check-In Patient

5. Scan Documents to individual Patient Chart (Optional)

  • Scan all new or updated documents to a file located on your computer
  • Upload to patients chart
  • After scanning, place in a pile to be scanned together as a batch at the end of the day

6. Check-Out Patient

  • Collect any additional payment due
  • Schedule follow up appointment, if necessary
  • Change status to "Checkout"
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