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Navigate the Documents Page

The Documents page is a central location to upload and store information, such as images, PDFs, Word files, billing documentation batches. Documentation uploaded from patient records also displays on the Documents page. Filtering and search options allow you to sort and easily locate specific documents. 

Access Documents 

Hover over the Platform icon and click Documents. The Documents page opens.


Navigate the Documents Page

  1. Status: Click and select an option from the drop-down menu to sort documents by a status. (New, New-Billing, In-Process, Processed, or Error)
  2. Enter a patient name, document name, or document label to search for a specific document. 
  3. Click +Upload Billing Document to upload a document batch
  4. Click to +Upload to upload a document that is not a batch file for billing.
  5. Date: Displays the date the document was added. Click the Date column header to sort.
  6. Name: Displays file name as it was saved on your computer (+Upload button), or the name automatically generated by Kareo (+Upload Billing Document button). Click the Name column header to sort.
  7. Status: Displays the status selected for a document added with +Upload button (New, In-Process, or Processed), or the current status of a batch document added through the +Upload Billing Document button (New-Billing, In-Process, Processed, or Error). 
  8. Label: Type of document. Click the Label column header to sort.
  9. Patient: Patient's name associated with the document. Click the patient's name to open their record.
  10. Note: Any notes added to the Document entry.
  11. Actions: Click an option to perform available document actions. 
    • Edit - Opens a window to edit document information.
    • Download - Opens and saves a document to your computer.
    • View - Opens an image.
  12. Click the icon in the lower-left corner to refresh the page.
  13. Navigate to additional pages of documents.




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