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Upload a Document

Documents such as an image, PDF, or Word file can be uploaded to the Documents page or added through a patient's record. You can also import Summary of Care information received from other providers and view it in both the patient's record and on the practice's main Documents page.

  • Once a document is assigned to a patient, it cannot be changed to a different patient. If a document is assigned to a patient in error, delete the document and start again.
  • The size of a file cannot exceed 10MB.

Access the Documents Page

Hover over the Platform icon and select Documents. The Documents page opens.


Upload a Document

  1. Click +Upload in the upper-right corner of the Documents page. Your computer's document library opens. Find and double click on the document file to attach it. The Upload Documents pop-up window opens.
  2. Enter the document information:
    • Name: The uploaded file name auto-populates as the document name. Enter a different name for the document, if desired.
    • Label: Select a document type from the drop-down.
    • Status: The status automatically defaults to New. Click the drop-down and select a different status, if desired. (In-Process or Processed)
    • Date: The current date auto-populates by default. Click the calendar icon and select the original date of the document, if different.
    • Patient (optional): To associate a patient with the document, begin typing the patient's name and select it from the auto-populated results. The document will display on the Documents page and in the patient's record.
    • Notes (optional): Enter any additional information related to the document.
  3. Click Upload when finished.
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