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Schedule Group Appointment

The Group Appointments feature gives you the flexibility to add multiple patients to the same appointment. When you add a new group appointment, you can enter a group name and set the maximum number of attendees.

Note: To schedule a group appointment, this feature must first be enabled.

Open the Calendar

Open the calendar in one of two ways to schedule an appointment.

  1. Hover over the Platform icon in the upper left of the window and select Calendar. The Calendar opens.
  2. Click +Appointment on the Agenda. The Calendar opens.

Schedule Group Appointment

Double-click the desired time slot for the provider on the calendar. The New Appointment window opens.

  1. Click the Schedule a Group Appointment link. The New Group Appointment window opens.
  2. Appointment Details:
    • Enter a Group Name. This name will appear on the appointment when it's displayed in the Calendar time slot and on the Agenda at the time of the group appointment.
    • The provider, date, and time are auto-populated from the time slot selected. Click the drop-down arrows to select a new provider or time. Click in the date box to choose a different date.
    • Adjust the appointment Duration if necessary.
    • Enter the maximum number of attendees (up to 10) for the appointment.
    • If your practice has multiple locations, select a Location from the drop-down menu.
    • Add an optional note about the appointment.
    • Click + Add Recurrence to create a recurring appointment.
  3. Click Create Appt & Add Patients. The Add Attendees window opens.
    Note: If you want to create the appointment without adding patients, click the drop-down arrow and select Create Appt Without Patients.
  1. To add patients to the group appointment, enter 2–3 letters of a patient's first or last name and click on it when it appears in the list. Repeat for each patient you want to add to the appointment.
  2. Save the group appointment:
    • Click Save & Close when finished. The group appointment is now added to the calendar.
    • Click Create Group Note to save the group appointment to the calendar and open the Group Note feature.