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Review Insurance Collections

Reviewing insurance collections provides a practice with insight into the status of submitted claims and action items that need follow-up.

Access Insurance Collections

Hover over the Billing icon on the top menu and click Insurance Collections. All insurance claims for the practice display.


KMB navigate to insurance collections.png

Navigate the Insurance Collections Window

  1. Click a category on the left menu to view claims by status.
  2. Click the drop-down menu options to filter claims within a status:
  • Sort: Select Priority (default), Date of Service, or Claim Amount. Click once to view ascending order (up arrow displays) or twice for descending order (down arrow displays).
  • Provider: Select All Providers (default) or an individual provider name
  • Location: Select All Locations (default) or an individual practice location
  • Time frame: Select Forever (default) or a period of time
  1. Search for a claim by entering a patient name, encounter number, or insurance name in the search box.
  2. Each list item shows the claim date, claim ID, patient, provider, charge amount, number of procedures, and payer.
  3. The orange exclamation icon indicates practice action is required. To view all claims that require practice action, click Needs Attention on the left menu.
  4. The red exclamation icon indicates a denied claim.
  5. The green arrow icon indicates claim processing is moving forward.


KMB review insurance collections.png

Track a Procedure

  1. Click on a charge on the Insurance Claims window. The charge details open.
  2. The orange exclamation icon displays if one or more billing tasks are assigned to the claim.
  3. Click the Actions drop-down to view the charge or work on a billing task.
  4. Hover over each timeline stage to view the description.
  • Claim submitted by practice
  • Resubmission (rework)
  • Insurance collections (primary)
  • Insurance collections (non-primary)
  • Patient collections
  1. Follow claim progress through color coding.
  • Green: Complete
  • Dark gray: In progress
  • Light gray: Not started
  1. The latest claim activity (including denial reason and action) displays above the timeline. 


KMB track insurance collections.png



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