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Add New Referral Source

The Referral Source is a tool that helps you track how patients were introduced to your practice. A list of standard Referral Sources is automatically included in your Practice Settings. Add custom Referral Sources to the list, or edit the existing list items to meet your specific needs.

Navigate to Referral Source

  1. Hover over the User Icon in the upper right of the window and click Practice Settings. The Practice Settings menu opens.
  2. Click Misc on the left menu. The Misc drop-down menu opens.
  3. Click Referral Sources from the Misc drop-down menu. The Referral Sources list displays.
PF navigate to referral sources.png

Add a Referring Provider

  1. Click +Add Referral Resource in the upper right of the window. The Add Referral Resource window opens.
  2. Add a Name for the Referral Source in the field provided.
  3. Add a brief Description of the Referral Source in the field provided (optional).
  4. Click Save. The new Referral Source displays in the list.
PF add referral source.png


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