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Post Patient Review to Profile

Post-visit patient survey results can be privately reviewed in Kareo and then posted to the provider's online profile to boost the image of the practice. Once a patient survey has been completed, feedback details can be accessed from the Surveys & Reviews page. After reviewing the survey results, the overall satisfaction rating and public testimonial sections of the survey can be shared on the provider's online profile.

Access Surveys & Reviews

Hover over the Engage icon and click Surveys & Reviews. The Surveys & Reviews page opens.


Post Patient Review to Online Provider Profile

  1. Click View Review on the right of the survey you would like to publish. The survey details window opens.


  1. Review the Overall Rating and Public Testimonial sections to confirm you would like to publish the information provided.
  2. Click Publish on Profile at the bottom of the window. A green Success: Review featured on profile message displays at the top of the Surveys & Reviews page.


  1. To view published patient reviews, click View Profile Site. The online provider profile opens.
  2. Click the reviews link under the profile header. Patient Testimonials open.


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