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Edit ROI Calculator Unit Values

Updated: 11/21/2019
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Our revenue on investment (ROI) calculator provides you key financial metrics by assigning a dollar value to each patient interaction which in turn equate to a lifetime value.

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

Access the ROI Calculator

  1. Hover over the Engage icon and click on Performance Dashboard. The Performance Dashboard page opens.
  2. Click ROI Calculator on the Return on Investment card. The Return on Investment Calculator pop-up window opens.

Edit ROI Calculator Values

​​​​​​​ROI Calculator values display to the right of each metric. See the ROI Calculator Details table below for a description of each metric.

Changes made to values in the ROI Calculator apply to all providers in the practice.

  1. To edit a Unit Value, enter the desired dollar amount or use the up and down arrows to select a new value.
  2. To revert all Unit Value amounts to the original pre-set options, click Restore Default Values.
  3. Click Save to record your changes. 

 ROI Calculator Details

Metric Default Value Description
Appointment Reminders Sent $3 Automated message sent to a patient reminding them about an upcoming appointment.
Appointment Reminders Confirmed $3 Electronic confirmation of an appointment from within an appointment reminder. 
Patient Surveys Sent $3 Email delivery of post-appointment survey.
Patient Recalls Sent $3 Automated message sent to bring back overdue or inactive patients.
Patient Recalls Resulting in Appointments $150 A scheduled appointment resulting from an automated patient recall message.
Online Appointments Scheduled $150 An appointment scheduled through the provider's online profile.
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