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View Intake Documents

Once a patient submits the intake form, their information and Driver's License/ID and Insurance Card image uploads will save to their patient chart.  

These documents will remain available for view from the patient's documents, even if a merge is rejected or a new intake form is completed.  

View Intake Documents

  1. Navigate to a patient's chart and click Documents in the left menu. A list of the patient's documents displays. 
  2. Documents related to patient intake will populate the each column with the following information:
    • Date: The date submitted.
    • Name: A unique identifier of the intake document submitted.
    • Status: Once the practice reviews and merges the patient's intake, the status will change to Processed.
    • Label: Shows the intake document type as Patient Demographics, Drivers License, or Insurance Card (front or back). Consent forms is labeled as Legal Document.
    • Notes: The date of associated appointment.
  3. Click Download or View to review the document.

Note: Patient intake forms submitted electronically are available for Download or View as 3-page PDFs.



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