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View Intake Documents

Updated: 11/21/2019
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Once a patient submits the intake form, their information, Driver's License/ID, and Insurance Card image uploads will save to their patient chart.  

These documents will remain available for view from the patient's documents, even if a merge is rejected or a new intake form is completed.  

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

View Intake Documents

  1. Navigate to a patient's chart and click Documents in the left menu. A list of the patient's documents displays. 
  2. Documents related to patient intake will populate the each column with the following information:
    • Date: The date submitted.
    • Name: A unique identifier of the intake document submitted.
    • Status: Once the practice reviews and merges the patient's intake, the status will change to Processed.
    • Label: Shows the intake document type as Patient Demographics, Drivers License, or Insurance Card (front or back). Consent forms are labeled as Legal Document. Medical history is labeled as History and Physical.
    • Notes: The date of associated appointment.
  3. Click Download or View to review the document.

Note: Patient intake forms submitted electronically are available for Download or View as 3-page PDFs.



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