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Edit Custom Form

Updated: 06/24/2021
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System administrators can make edits to custom forms. Any changes made will update pending forms sent to the patient. If you don't want to affect the pending forms, duplicate the form to create a new version.

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

Access Patient Intake Settings

  1. Hover over the User icon, and click on Practice Settings. The Practice Settings page opens.
  2. Click Patient Intake. The Patient Intake settings page opens.
  3. Click the more option icon > Edit. The Edit Custom Form page opens.

Edit, Add, Delete, or Reorder Sections

Customize the layout of the form by editing, adding, deleting, or moving sections.

  1. Make desired changes:
    1. Edit the existing Internal Form Name, Form Title, or content in Text and Question, if applicable.
    2. To add sections:
      • Click Add Text Block to open a text editor to enter formatted content. Available formatting options:
        • Normal, Header 1, Header 2, or Header 3
        • Bold, italicize, or underline
        • Hyperlink
        • Numeric or bullet list
        • Clear text formatting
      • Click Add Question to enter a question or to create a multiple choice question.
        • Short Answer: Select short answer from the drop-down to enter a question and allow patients to type in an answer when completing the form. To make the answer optional, click to clear "Required for patients".
        • Checkbox: Select checkbox from the drop-down to create a multiple choice question or questionnaire. Add up to 100 per question options for patients to select when completing the form.
          Note: Patients are not required to complete sections with checkboxes.
      • Click Add Signature to request multiple signatures.
        • To make the signature optional, click to clear "Required for patients".
    3. To delete sections:
      • Click the trash icon of the section to be removed.
    4. To reorder sections:
      • Click on the header of the section and drag to the desired place.
  2. Click Save when finished.
    • To see the patient's view, click Preview.

Once saved, the front office can send the form to the patient through the Patient Intake workflow.

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