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Send Intake Forms from Edit Appointment

If a user did not send a patient an invitation to fill out patient intake forms upon creating a New Appointment, they will still have the ability to do so when they go to edit the appointment.

Recurring appointments, group appointments, and appointments assigned to non-provider resources are not currently supported with patient intake. Appointments created on a past date or appointments that are in the finished state will not have a "Send" patient intake link. 

Open Appointment

  1. Click the scheduled appointment on the Agenda to expand. 
  2. Click More Options > Edit Appointment. The Edit Appointment window will open.


  1. Click Send.
    • The patient email shown will reflect what is in their record according to the following logic:
      • Default to sending to primary
      • If there's multiple email addresses and a primary hasn't been selected, it'll default to personal email address, then work email address, then other email address
      • If only one email address is present, it'll default to that one - doesn't matter if it's primary or not
    • For patients who don't have an email in their record, click Edit next to the patient's name. Enter the patient's email address and click Save Patient. Then, click Send.
  2. Click Save Appointment when finished.

An email will be sent to the patient with an invite to fill out the patient intake form.

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