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Send Intake Forms from New Appointment

Updated: 03/22/2023
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The practice can send patients an invitation to fill out their patient intake forms prior to their appointment through a new appointment, or when confirming an appointment request.

Recurring appointments, group appointments, and appointments assigned to non-provider resources are not currently supported with patient intake.

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

Access Calendar

  1. Select the desired date on the calendar.
  2. Click New Appointment. The Calendar page opens.
  3. Select a Provider, Staff, or Resource from the drop-down.
  4. Double click the desired time slot. The New Appointment page opens.

Send Patient Intake

  1. Create a New Patient Appointment.
  2. Click the Select additional forms drop-down arrow to select which patient intake forms to send. Available forms:
  3. Select the method of delivery:
    • By default, the option to email the patient intake form is selected. If necessary, click to clear.
    • To send the patient intake form via text message, click to select "Send SMS". If necessary, enter the patient's mobile phone number.
  4. Click Save Appointment when finished. An email and/or text is sent to the patient with an invite to complete the form.
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