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Send Intake Forms from New Appointment

Updated: 01/21/2021
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Users can send patients an invitation to fill out their patient intake forms prior to their appointment through a new appointment, by confirming an appointment request,  when they are editing an appointment, or through the appointment card. Patient intake forms are linked to an appointment, and a patient will only have access to one link at any given time. 

Recurring appointments, group appointments, and appointments assigned to non-provider resources are not currently supported with patient intake.

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

Send Patient Intake

  1. Create a New Patient Appointment.
  2. Click the Select additional forms drop-down arrow to select which patient intake forms to send.
    • The patient email shown will reflect what is in their record according to the following logic:
      • Default to sending to primary
      • If there's multiple email addresses and a primary hasn't been selected, it'll default to Personal Email address, next Work Email address, then Other Email address
      • If only one email address is present, it'll default to that one - doesn't matter if it's primary or not.
  3. Click Save Appointment when finished.

An email is sent to the patient with an invite to fill out the patient intake form.