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Patient Intake Overview

Updated: 11/03/2021
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You can now send electronic intake forms to your patients and receive them prior to their appointment. Patients can fill out these forms anytime, anywhere--saving time at check-in. It also means reduced errors through automated form entry and increased front office efficiency. Less paper-work, fewer errors, happier patients.

System Administrators and office staff will have access to all patient intake workflows. Providers will have access to all patient intake workflows except for Practice Settings and Intake Forms Pending Review.

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

Patient Intake

Patient intake will allow patients to provide basic information, demographics, emergency contact, financial information, and additional information that the practice will be able to review and merge into the patient's chart.



From Practice Settings, system admins, front office, and providers can print blank forms, send a sample patient intake email to themselves, create custom forms, or upload additional forms that they would like patients to download, print, fill out, and bring in for their appointment.

Send Invitation

When creating, editing or confirming an online appointment, users can choose to send an email to patients inviting them to fill out their intake forms.


Access from Anywhere

Patients will have the option of filling out their information from any browser whether on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

Additionally, the patient can complete an intake form electronically in the office using Kareo Kiosk.

Track Status and Review

Practices will have the ability to see the status of each intake sent to patients. Depending on the status, they will have the ability to resend intake emails, print intake forms, or review and merge the information into the patient's chart.

Upon submission, patient intake information will also be available in the patient's documents section.



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