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Set Up Post-Visit Survey

The Post-Visit Survey is part of the Patient Communications function and is available only with Kareo's Engage module. Sending automated patient surveys after each patient visit helps establish a provider's online reputation. The Post-Visit Survey is emailed to a patient either when their appointment is updated to Checked Out on the Agenda (Kareo Clinical and Kareo Billing modules only) or two hours past the scheduled appointment time. Once a patient completes the survey, results will be available for the provider to read and post to their profile. In addition, you can set custom options collecting reviews on a third party website from patients who've had a positive visit experience. 

Note: In order for a patient to receive patient communications:

  • Automated patient communication preferences must be set on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.
  • An email address must be entered on the Profile tab of the patient's Demographics page.

Access Patient Communications

Hover over the Platform icon in the upper left of the window and select Patient Communications. The Patient Communications window opens.


Set Up Post-Visit Survey

  1. Click the Surveys card under the After the visit section. The Patient Survey settings open.
  2. Click Preview here to see how the survey appears to patients.
  3. Click Manage social media sites on your Provider Profile to add links to social media pages, if desired. Positive reviews will be automatically posted to the sites specified in your Surveys & Reviews settings.
  4. By default, patient surveys are turned on. Click Turn off surveys to deactivate the surveys so that patients no longer receive them, if desired. Click Turn on Survey to reactivate.
  5. Click Close to return to the Patient Communications page.



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