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Send Patient Broadcast

Updated: 10/02/2020
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The patient broadcast feature allows the provider or front office staff to quickly and easily notify patients of changes in a provider’s schedule. Create a personal message to inform single or multiple patients of the change in their upcoming appointment.   

Available for Kareo Engage subscribers.

Create Patient Broadcast

  1. Hover over the Engage icon and click on Patient Broadcast. The Patient Broadcast page opens.
  2. Select the provider from the drop-down list who will be sending the message.
  3. Enter a message up to 140 characters in length.
  4. Click Next: Specify Recipients. The Specify Recipients page opens.


Specify Recipients

  1. Click to select the appointment date(s) relevant to the message.
  2. Click to select the applicable practice location(s).
  3. Click Next: Send Message. The Review Patient List page opens.


Review Patient List

  1. Review the message delivery options and patient list. To remove a delivery option or patient, click to clear the checkbox.
  2. Click Next: Send Message. The Confirm Broadcast Message pop-up window opens. 
  3. Review the message details and click Send Message.


  1. A confirmation message appears in the Patient Broadcast page.



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