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DoctorBase to Marketing FAQs

Why is the number of patients in my Kareo Marketing account different from what I had in DoctorBase?
A first and last name are necessary to create a patient record in Kareo Marketing. Patients who did not have both a first and last name entered in DoctorBase were unable to be imported to Kareo Marketing. 
Will the reviews from my DoctorBase account show on my new Kareo Marketing Profile?
Yes, any reviews posted on your DoctorBase profile will be migrated over to Kareo Marketing.

Will all of my past and future appointments be imported from DoctorBase to Kareo Marketing?
All future appointments and any appointments within the last 30 days will be imported. 
Why are appointment reminders and surveys not being sent to my patients?
To send appointment reminders and post-visit surveys, Patient Communications must  first be activated for the provider. Read our help article to learn how to activate this function.  

Why is Online Appointment Booking not showing on my Provider Profile?
Online Appointment Booking may need to be activated and configured on your account. Learn more about this feature in our help article.
How do I access my new Kareo Marketing Account?
On December 15, 2016, your primary DoctorBase email address will receive an email with the instructions on where to log into your Kareo account. If you do not receive an email, please contact us at 844-247-5631.
What happens if I have a free DoctorBase profile and am not a monthly subscription customer?
The free DoctorBase profiles will no longer be available and they will not be migrated over to Kareo Marketing. We encourage you to create a new account with Kareo for free. Your new profile will allow patients to find you easily and help you rank higher in search results. You can also sign up for a monthly subscription that provides upgraded features and automated marketing and front office tools to help you build your brand online and connect with patients. Contact us for more information at 844-247-5631.
Will my rate go up with Kareo Marketing?
The rate you’ve been paying for DoctorBase will remain the same. However, any new providers added to your account will be billed at current Kareo rates.  
Is there a cost for migrating my DoctorBase account data over to Kareo Marketing? 
No, there is no cost to customers for this service.

What will cause my rate to go up on my Kareo Marketing account?
The price for your Kareo Marketing subscription will remain the same unless:

  • New providers are added
  • New products are added
  • New services are added
  • You cancel and re-subscribe to Kareo Marketing

Why do some users on my account have an odd email address?
If a user on your DoctorBase account did not have an email address in their profile, an arbitrary email address (e.g., was assigned by the system as a placeholder in the migration process. These email addresses are not functional and should be replaced with the user’s actual email address as soon as possible. Learn how to update this info here

Why does a user on my account show a first or last name of "Unavailable"?
The user name "Unavailable" is applied when the person’s first or last name could not be determined in DoctorBase. Click here to learn how change the user’s name in Kareo Marketing.

Why is a user’s name set to the practice name?
The practice name is applied to a user who had no first or last name associated with them in DoctorBase. Click here to learn how change the user’s name in Kareo Marketing.

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