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Respond to Received Rx Renewal Messages

Rx Renewal Received messages are sent by pharmacies for the following reasons:

  • The pharmacy has received a renewal request from the patient.
  • The pharmacy has an automatic prescription renewal program that triggers a renewal request when a prescription is about to expire or the last refill has been used.


Respond to Rx Renewal Received Messages

  1. To access the Scripts page, hover over the Clinical icon  in the upper left and click Scripts. The Scripts page opens. (Rx messages also appear on the Agenda under Outstanding Items and in the patient's chart in the Priorities message box.)
  2. Click the "Rx Renewal Received" message to open it.
  3. If the message includes "Please review the interactions in the Warnings tab," review the warning.
  4. In the Renewal Response section, select one of the following:
  • Change: Allows you to modify the prescription before approving. If you decide not to modify the prescription, click Cancel; the previously displayed window appears to approve or deny the renewal.
  • Approve: Gives your approval and allows you to specify the number of dispensations. Note that your approval may trigger a drug-drug interaction alert or a drug-allergy interaction alert.
  • Deny: Denies the renewal. Select the reason for the denial from the drop-down list.
  1. When finished, click Submit. Note that if the medication is a controlled substance, the action button will appear as "Print."
    • Unidentified patient: If the pharmacy could not match the request to a patient list, the message will indicate this. In this case, a "Select Patient" button appears allowing you to search for the patient. If you find the patient, select the name and click Submit to renew the prescription. If not, click Deny, select Patient Unknown from the drop-down list, then click Submit.