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Navigate the Clinical Tasks Page

Tasks within Kareo Clinical are internal and external messages from practice staff, pharmacies and labs which may require responses or follow-up. For example, a "renewal" message from a pharmacy may request approval, or a "final results" message from a lab may require sign-off. Tasks also include interoffice messages. You can view all tasks on the Tasks page. From the Agenda, you can view high priority tasks that need your attention. Patient-related tasks can also be viewed on the patient's chart.

Navigate the Clinical Tasks Page

To access the Tasks page, hover over the Clinical icon and click Clinical Tasks. The Tasks page opens.

  1. Priority: Important tasks that require an immediate response. Click on an item to open. Note that items listed here are also displayed on their respective task tabs; for example, a priority lab task appears here and on the Labs/Studies tab.
  2. Scripts: All prescription-related messages.
  3. Labs/Studies: Messages relating to lab orders.
  4. Open Notes: Any notes that are in the incomplete status. Managing notes from this section allows you to access, edit and sign a note, and then address the next note in the queue.
  5. Referrals: View a history of referrals.
  6. Direct Inbox: Manage messages sent through t he secure direct messaging function.
  7. List View / Detail View: Toggle between a brief listing and more detailed information for each task. Click on an item to open.
  8. Click on a patient name to open the patient's chart.
  9. Filters: Select options to narrow down your search in each task list.





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