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Create a Superbill

The Kareo Clinical Superbill function enables you to capture a comprehensive list of charges for the exam, procedures, supplies and other goods and services provided during the patient's visit, all without leaving the encounter note.

Creating a Superbill can be done in stages and by more than one person. It starts with clicking the Superbill button at the bottom of the note and ends with submitting the bill. You can access the Superbill as often as needed to make changes until the charges are finalized and submitted for billing.

  • During the patient encounter, or anytime before submitting the charges for reimbursement, the superbill can be accessed any number of times to make changes by re-opening the encounter note and clicking Superbill. When complete, indicate it is ready for review. See Set the Superbill Status.
  • Any diagnosis codes added to the encounter note after a superbill has been created will be added to the ongoing superbill.
  • The superbill is available to others with billing privileges until it is submitted. For example, a biller can access it, review it, and if necessary, suggest changes. The provider can then make the appropriate changes and set the status to "Ready to Submit". The biller can then submit the bill according to the office procedures and set the status of the super bill to "Submit."

Navigate to Patient Chart / Notes

  1. Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name in the top navigation bar search box.
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's chart / Face Sheet opens.
  3. Click Notes on the left menu. The Notes page opens.
  4. Click Open on the right of the note for which you want to generate a Superbill. The note opens.

Create a Superbill

  1. Click Superbill on the bottom task bar of the clinical note. The Superbill Coding window opens.
  1. Select the Rendering Provider and Service Location.
    • When applicable, select a Referring Provider, Supervising Provider, or a Scheduling Provider.
  2. Click and select a date to copy diagnoses and charges from a patient's previous Superbill.
  3. Enter up to 12 Diagnosis Codes. Click in the Enter ICD-10 Code search box to view and select from a list of the patient's active problems. Or, search for a code by entering the first 3 characters of the code name or number and selecting from the list of results.
    • Click and drag the bar next to the Rank number to re-order the Diagnosis Codes list.
  4. Enter Procedure Codes including E/M Codes and CPT/HCPCS Codes.
    • Click and drag the bar next to the Rank number to re-order the Procedure Codes list.
  5. Click the Mapped Diagnosis drop-down to select up to four Diagnosis Codes (from above section) for the Procedure Code.
  6. Enter any comments, if desired.
    Note for Kareo Billing users: Comments entered here will appear in the Medical Office Notes section of the draft encounter in the Kareo Desktop Application.
  7. Click the Set Status drop-down and select from the menu options.
  8. Click Save when finished.
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