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Create Superbill Using SALT Feature

Kareo offers improved Superbill submission efficiency for providers who replicate patient diagnoses and charges during subsequent visits. The SALT (Same As Last Time) Superbill feature copies diagnoses and charges from a patient's previous Superbill and adds them to the current one. A provider can make any necessary changes to the information and submit the Superbill for processing. 

Create SALT Superbill

  1. Click Superbill on the bottom task bar of the clinical note. The Superbill Coding window opens.
  1. Click the SALT Superbill drop-down and select the date of the Superbill you would like to copy. The Duplicate Superbill Confirmation window opens.
  1. Click OK to confirm. The Superbill Coding window reopens.
    Note: Any information added to the Assessment section of the current note will be replaced by information from the SALTed Superbill. 

Diagnoses, charges, and modifiers copy over exactly as entered on the selected SALT Superbill.

  1. Review each section of the Superbill and make any necessary changes to the information. 
  2. Click the Set Status drop-down and select Ready to Submit.
    Note: When a status other than Ready to Submit is selected, information from both the current clinical note and the SALTed Superbill will display upon re-opening the Superbill.
  3. Click Save. The Superbill displays on the Superbills page located under the Clinical icon.


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