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Run MU1 Functional Measures Report

This report is provided for Meaningful Use Stage 1. It includes the 13 core measures and 9 menu measures. Out of the 9 menu measures, the attesting provider must select 5, one of which must be the public surveillance or immunization measure. Some measures for Meaningful Use require you to self-attest manually in the report rather than rely on data from the system. All calculations that can be performed from data within Kareo will be supplied. Note that Date Range is a required parameter and should reflect the 90 day consecutive period for which you wish to attest for Meaningful Use.

Run an MU1 Functional Measures Report

  1. To access the Reports page, hover over the Clinical icon and select Clinical Reports. The Reports page opens.
  2. Select MU1: Functional Measures from the drop-down list.
  3. Select a Date Range for the report.
  4. Select the provider from the drop-down list.
  5. The Patient field remains blank.
  6. Click Print Report at the bottom of the page. The report displays in PDF.
  7. Click the download icon in the top navigation taskbar to save it to your computer or click the printer icon to print it.