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Run Audit Trail Report

There are many components that need to be monitored to ensure that electronic health information is protected. The Audit Trail report is a method to check against unauthorized access of patients' protected health information.

Run an Audit Trail Report

  1. To access the Reports page, hover over the Clinical icon and select Clinical Reports. The Reports page opens.
  2. The Audit Trail report is selected by default.
  3. Select a Date Range for the report.
  4. By default, "All Users" is selected in the User field. If desired, select a specific user from the drop-down list
  5. By default, "All Patients" is entered in the Patient field. Enter a specific patient, if desired.
  6. Click Run Report at the bottom of the page. The Report Results page displays.
  7. Click on any column header to sort the information. Note that if you print the report after sorting, the report will print in the original format.
  8. To print the report, click Print Report at the bottom of the page. The results display in PDF. Click the printer icon in the top taskbar and follow the prompts for your printer device.
  9. Click Change Criteria to adjust the input data for the report.
AuditTrailReportA.png  AuditTrailReport1.png  AuditTrailReport2.png


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