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Kareo Help Center

View Referral History

A history of patient referrals can be viewed on the Referrals page. For Meaningful Use: When a referral comes back, mark it as received on the Referrals tab as part of your CQM measures.

Access Referrals

Hover over the Clinical icon and select Referrals. The Referrals page opens.


View Referral History

  1. Status: Displays the status of the eFax; Sending, Sent, or Failed.
  2. Patient: Name of the patient on the Summary of Care.
  3. Type: Indicates if the Summary of Care was printed, downloaded, eFaxed, or sent via direct message.
  4. From: Name of the user who generated the referral.
  5. To: Referral recipient's name.
  6. Date: When the referral was sent.
  7. Consult Received: For Meaningful Use. When a referral comes back, check the box to mark it as received.
  8. Filters: Select options to sort the referrals list.
  9. Click on a line item to view details and to resend a failed eFax.
  10. Click to change the way the referral list is displayed.