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Create Treatment Plan

Updated: 08/14/2020
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Kareo's Treatment Plans allow providers or clinical assistants to build comprehensive treatment plans for their patients. This is a powerful tool for engaging patients in their treatment through detailed plans tailored to their individual needs. Treatment Plans help guide patients towards reaching their goals while providers can monitor their progress and make treatment adjustments when necessary.

Access Notes

  1. Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name or date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) in the top navigation bar search box.
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's record opens to the Face Sheet.
  3. Click Notes. The Notes page opens.
  4. Click + Create Treatment Plan. The Treatment Plan page opens.

Create Treatment Plan

  1. Plan details:
    These fields can only be selected while the treatment plan is in Draft.
    1. The Start Date is defaulted to today's date. Select a new start date as desired.
    2. The Assigned To auto-populates the provider creating the treatment plan. Select a new provider as desired.
  2. Overview:
    1. Diagnosis: Click to view and select from the patient’s active problem list. Search for and select a different diagnosis, if desired.
    2. Presenting Problem/Behavioral Definition: Enter relevant information.
    3. Additional Information: Enter relevant information.
  3. Goals: Add up to 10 goals, objectives, and interventions through a structured hierarchy. This allows providers to add multiple objectives to a goal and multiple interventions to an objective.
    1. Enter relevant information into Goal 1.
    2. Click +Add Objective. The Objective 1 editor opens to add relevant information.
      • To add additional objectives, click +Add Objective.
    3. Click +Add Intervention. The Intervention 1 editor opens to add relevant information.
      • To add additional interventions, click +Add Intervention.
    4. To add additional goals, click +Add Goal. Then, add objectives and interventions as desired.
  4. Timeline:
    • Target Completion Date: Click to select a date from the calendar picker.
    • Treatment Frequency: Enter the frequency of the treatment (e.g., Every 2 weeks).
  5. Signature: Capture providers and patient/guardian signatures to sign off on the developed treatment plan.
    1. Provider Signatures: Providers electronically sign the form by typing their name in the designated field.
      • To add additional provider signatures, click +Provider Signatory. The provider(s) electronically signs the form by typing their name in the designated field.
    2. Patient Signatures: Choose the best method to document the patient's signature.
      • Not required: Click to select when a patient signature is not required.
      • Electronic Signature: Patients types their name in the designated field to electronically sign the form.
      • Parent/Guardian: Click to select when the designated field is for a parent/guardian signature.
      • Capture via paper copy: Click to select when the patient signature will be capture on a printed copy.
      • +Patient Signatory: Click to add additional patient signatures.
  6. Click the print icon to generate a PDF of the treatment plan. Save or print the PDF using the browser's functions.
    Tip_Icon.png Print the PDF to capture signature(s) via paper copy. Then, scan and upload the signed treatment plans to the patient's document.
  7. Click Save when finished. The treatment plan is now available on the Notes page to monitor the patient's progress.
    Note: The status of the treatment plan changes to In Progress when the provider and patient signature is documented. Otherwise, the status stays as Draft.