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Co-Sign a Note

Once a note has been signed and submitted to a designated provider for co-signature, it appears in the Open Notes section for both providers. A co-signing provider has the option to add an addendum to the note prior to signing to reflect their participation in the patient's care or to correct the initial signer's documentation. Both the initial signer and co-signer of a note receive credit in Meaningful Use and CQM reports for the encounter if they are assigned the Provider role in Kareo.

Navigate to Open Notes

Open Notes can be accessed two ways:

  1. Hover over the Clinical icon and click Open Notes.
  2. Click Open Notes under Outstanding Items on the Agenda.

EHR navigate to open notes.png

Co-Sign a Note

  1. Click on an Open Note with a Needs Cosign status. The selected note opens. 
  2. The initial signer displays under the note sections.
  3. To add an addendum to the note, click +Addendum at the bottom of the window. (Optional)
  4. Click Co-sign in the bottom left of the window to sign the note. The Co-Sign Note window opens.
  5. Click Text Shortcut to enter a previously created text shortcut. (Optional)
  6. Click in the Co-Signature Text/Statement box to modify the text, if desired. Highlight the text and click make shortcut to open the Create Text Shortcut window save the statement as a Text Shortcut. (Optional) 
  7. Click Co-sign to sign the note. The note displays as Signed in the Notes section of the patient's record with both signing provider names.
EHR cosign a note 2.png


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