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Create a Group Note

For group appointments, you can create a Group Note directly from the appointment card on the Dashboard. You can create a shared note that applies to the entire group or create individual ones for each patient attending the appointment.

Note: To schedule a Group Appointment and create a Group Note, the Group Appointments function must first be enabled.


Navigate to Group Appointment

  1. Click on the group appointment to view the appointment card.
  2. Click Create Group Note to begin a note. The Group Note page opens.

Create Group Note

  1. Add Appointment Notes if desired. Notes entered here are related to the appointment and are not added to patient charts.
  2. By default, all attendees are marked as being present at the appointment with a checkmark next to each patient's name. To mark a patient as absent, click to clear the selection.
  3. Click the dollar icon to collect the patient's payment.
  4. Click the trash icon to remove the patient from the Group Appointment.
  5. Edit the Session Details if necessary. These are added to the note.
  6. Add a Shared Note if desired. A shared note applies to the entire group and is not intended to be changed for individual patients.
  7. Add Individual Notes if desired. Each note will be saved as an unsigned clinical note in the patient's chart.
  8. Click Send to Patient Charts when finished. The Note Saving Warning window opens.
  9. Click Save Notes to Charts. The notes are now added to the patient charts. Any editing or signing of notes must be done through each patient's individual chart.



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