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Kareo Rx Saver FAQs

Who is eligible to use this new feature?

Any provider who uses Kareo Clinical that prescribes in our web application (either via paper or electronically) is able to take advantage of this new feature, completely free of charge.


Can my patients use Rx Saver if they have health insurance?

Yes, if your patient has insurance or Medicare, coupons can still help control prescription drug costs and in many cases the prices will be lower than the typical insurance co-pay. You can use a Rx Saver coupon instead of your prescription insurance if the cost is lower, but you cannot use the coupon with insurance to lower your co-pay. To use a coupon instead of insurance, your patient can request that the pharmacist not run their prescription through their insurance and that they use the coupon to process the transaction instead.


How does a drug discount coupon work?

The drug discount coupon is a great way to reduce the price of a prescription. Our partner, GoodRx, has done the hard work of looking around the internet for coupons with the best prices, and we’re able to display and distribute them right in our EHR.

For patients to purchase their prescription at the estimated price, they need to present the coupon to the pharmacy when they fill or refill their prescription.


Do these coupons expire?

These coupons do not expire, but the price may vary. In some cases the drug may be slightly more expensive, while in others we may have found an even cheaper price.


Does my patient need to get a new coupon each time they fill their prescription?

No, once your patient uses a coupon, it will remain on file at your patient’s pharmacy and can be used for any medication filled at that pharmacy. However, some pharmacy systems may clear this information from time to time, and your patient may be required to present a new coupon to receive the discount.


What’s the Catch?

Here at Kareo, we really care deeply about our customers and the patients that they help everyday. We are not selling personal information or prescription information to GoodRx; the data does not leave Kareo EHR. Our partner, GoodRx, helps save consumers millions of dollars on their prescriptions, and we felt it was a great opportunity to provide that benefit to our customers and their patients.