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Using Kareo Rx Saver

Kareo Rx Saver lets you find the best pricing and send coupons to your patients for the drugs you prescribe. When prescribing a medication, use Rx Saver to search local pharmacies for available discounts and compare prices. Coupons can be printed or sent to the patient by text or email and then redeemed by showing the coupon to the pharmacist. Rx Saver is available with both printed and electronic prescriptions.

Read our FAQs for additional information on Kareo Rx Saver.

Open a New Prescription

  1. Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name in the top navigation bar search box.
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's record opens to the Face Sheet
  3. Click Medications on the left menu. The Medications& page opens.
  4. Click + Prescription. The Prescribe Medication window opens.

EHR using rx saver 1.png

Use Kareo Rx Saver 

  1. Enter the prescription information (see Prescribe/ePrescribe a Medication for more information). Minimum requirements to search for a coupon are the drug name, dosage, and quantity. 
  2. If the patient has a preferred pharmacy, the savings will display in the coupon area. To find and compare discounts for the medication, click Find a Pharmacy. The Pharmacy Search window opens.
  3. Enter the appropriate information (e.g. zip code) and click Search to find local pharmacies.
  4. Review available discounts in the far right column and click on a pharmacy in the list to select it.

EHR using rx saver 2.png

  1. Discount pricing for the selected pharmacy displays.
  2. Select one or more options to text, email, or print the coupon for the patient. If a mobile number or email is entered in the patient's demographics, it will automatically populate when the option is selected. A mobile number or email can also be manually entered, if necessary.
    Note: A manually entered mobile phone number or email address will be saved in the patient's demographics and replace existing data.


The coupon is sent to the patient via text or email after the prescription is electronically sent to the pharmacy or printed.

Resend or Reprint an Rx Saver Coupon

An Rx Saver coupon can be reprinted or resent by text message or email from the Medications page in the patient record.

  1. Click Medications on the left menu in the patient record. The Medications page opens.
  2. Click on the medication in the Active Medications list. The Medication Information window opens.
  3. Click Find Coupon. The Rx Saver window opens.
  4. Select one or more options to print, text, or email the coupon to the patient.
  5. Click Send. The Rx Saver window closes and the coupon is sent using the selected delivery option(s).
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