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Prescribing FAQs

Updated: 03/30/2021
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Answers to the most common prescribing and ePrescribing (eRx) questions.



Do I need special paper for prescribing? Regulations for printed prescriptions vary from state to state in the U.S. If your state requires special security paper for prescription printouts, you can search for and order paper that meet's your state's regulatory requirements at

Exception for New York State: All prescription paper used in this state must be obtained directly from the State of New York. There are no approved prescription paper vendors for the State of New York.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that your use of third party products and services meets your requirements and those of all applicable laws. Kareo shall not have any responsibility or liability for or related to your use of any third party products or services.
How does a provider enroll for ePrescribing?
  1. Enroll for ePrescribing
  2. If the provider is unable to complete the ePrescribing widget, contact Kareo Support to submit an enrollment request via Adobe Sign.
What type of documentation is required for enrollment?

Documentation is not required if enrollments was completed through the ePrescribing widget.

If the provider is unable to complete the ePrescribing widget, the following documentation is required:

  1. Current state medical license
  2. Current government issues photo ID(e.g., driver's license or passport)
  3. Current DEA license

Follow the instructions sent by Kareo Support to submit the documents to the Enrollments team.

Once an enrollments case is created, how long does it take to process? 5-10 business days.
Which vendor does Kareo use to ePrescribe? Kareo uses SureScripts for ePrescribing.
Can Kareo send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies in my local area? Yes. Kareo is Surescripts certified for new prescriptions and electronic renewals, allowing you to send prescriptions electronically to any pharmacy connected to the Surescripts national network.
Why can't I find the patient's preferred pharmacy? Try the following options to search for a specific pharmacy:
  • Verify that the pharmacy is connected to the Surescripts electronic network
  • Use only lowercase letters when searching by pharmacy name
  • Search by city or zip code only
  • Confirm that the correct Pharmacy Type has been selected from the drop-down menu (Retail , Mail Order, or Both)
Can a provider ePrescribe using multiple EHR systems? New medication can be prescribed out of multiple EHR systems. Refill request can only be returned into one EHR system per address.
What happens if the provider is already enrolled for refill request with another EHR system? The Enrollments team will email the provider for approval to move the refill request from the previous system to Kareo. Once the approval is received, refill requests will be turned off for the previous system and moved over to Kareo within 4-7 business days.
How would a provider prescribe if they have multiple licenses with different addresses/DEA numbers? A provider can only have one address, license, and DEA number linked per practice. To prescribe using a different address, a new practice will need to be created for each location.
Can a supervising provider be added to a prescription? Yes. In the provider's user account, click Enable Supervising Provider for Prescribing. Once enabled, the provider will have the option to select a supervising provider when ePrescribing.
Can someone other than the provider prescribe in Kareo? Only the provider enrolled for ePrescribing can submit new prescriptions.

Providers can assign a proxy to respond to eRx Renewal Requests from the pharmacy on their behalf.
Is enrollments completed at the practice or provider level?

Enrollments is completed per provider.

If the practice has multiple providers, each provider will need to complete enrollments separately.

Can providers prescribe DME supplies (e.g., test strips, crutches, oxygen equipment, and etc)? Diabetic supplies and equipment can be electronically prescribed. Other DME supplies can only be prescribe as a Custom Drug via printed prescription.
Can a provider prescribe a partial quantity? Yes. There are two options to indicate a partial dispensing as the Quantity when prescribing:
  • Enter a decimal value leading with a zero (e.g., "0.5") as the Quantity.
    Note: The quantity description of the medication being prescribed displays on the right of the Quantity amount and the Total quantity updates based on the amount entered. 
  • Or use the Pharmacy Notes to indicate the correct quantity the pharmacy should dispense. 
Where is the DEA number stored? DEA numbers are only stored in SureScripts, not Kareo.
How would a provider enroll with multiple DEA numbers? It would depend on the type of DEA number.
  • If the provider has multiple DEA number due to practicing in different states, the provider will need to be linked to SureScripts for each state and DEA number.
  • If the provider has a DEA waiver that starts with an X, enrollments cannot be completed due to restrictions in SureScripts. The DEA waiver will need to be added when the medication is prescribed.


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