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Enroll for EPCS

Updated: 08/24/2020
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As a provider, you can enroll in electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) through Kareo with a one-time setup fee of $75.00 per provider. Provider must be enrolled for ePrescribing prior to requesting enrollment for EPCS.

Important Notes:

  • The provider must complete and sign the form
  • If there are multiple providers in the practice, each provider will need to complete and submit a separate EPCS Order Form
  • Successful enrollment typically takes 5 - 7 business days after the forms are submitted to Kareo


Complete Enrollment Form

  1. Download and complete the EPCS Order Form.
    • A token is required to complete EPCS enrollments.
      • Be sure to request a DrFirst hard token through the EPCS Order Form.
      • Download the soft token Symantec app "VIP Access" from the App Store while the hard token order is being processed. The logo is shown to the right.
  2. Fax the completed form to Kareo at (800) 798-2310.
    • The Enrollments team will process the form.

  1. An email invite from EPCS Gold is sent to the provider to initiate the process of activating a token.
    • The email will be sent from [email protected].
    • The subject is Registration invite for prescribing controlled substances electronically.
    • Be sure to check your junk/spam folder.
  2. Click Click To Register to initiate the process. The EPCS Gold website opens.

Complete Identify Proofing

  1. The provider's NPI and Invite ID will be populated in the I have an Invite section.
    • If the NPI and Invite ID is not populated, copy information from the email invite.
  2. Click Proceed. The Terms of Use and Condition page opens.
  3. Read and accept the terms. Click I agree when finished.
  1. The provider will be required to go through identity proofing (IDP) to complete the enrollments. Make a note of the temporary password provided to resume the session within 24 hours in case the IDP fails.
  2. Click Next to continue. 
  1. If the provider has a token available, click Continue to proceed. The InfinID Application Terms of Use page opens.
    • A personal credit card is not required to complete IDP.
    • Kareo recommends completing IDP without entering a personal credit card.
    • It is also recommended the provider pulls their credit report from Experian to help complete the following sections.
  2. Read and accept the Terms of Use. Click I Accept when finished. The User Registration page opens.

Register User

  1. Enter the required information:
    • NPI: May be pre-populated with data from the NPI Registry
    • First Name: May be pre-populated with data from the NPI Registry
    • Last Name: May be pre-populated with data from the NPI Registry
    • Email Address: May be pre-populated with data from the NPI Registry
    • DEA Number: May be pre-populated with data from the NPI Registry
      • All letters in the DEA number must in capitalized
      • Only use the provider's primary DEA
    • Date of Birth: Use the MMDDYYYY format
    • Home Street Address: Do not add punctuation in this field
    • Home City
    • Home State
    • Home Zip
    • Social Security Number
    • Mobile Phone Number (Optional): It is recommended that the provider enter a mobile phone number associated with the home address. If Experian can validate the mobile number, the provider will receive a confirmation code via text to quickly complete EPCS enrollments.
      • If the mobile phone number cannot be validated, Experian will send the confirmation code in a nondescript white envelope via USPS.
    • Credit Card Number (Optional): Kareo recommends to leave this field blank
    • Driver's License State (Optional): Kareo recommends to leave this field blank
    • Driver's License Number (Optional): Kareo recommends to leave this field blank
    • Residential Phone Number (Optional)
  2. Click I Agree when finished. The next step of IDP will open.

  1. The provider will be asked 3-4 financial based questions pulled from an Experian credit report.
  2. Click Continue when finished.
  3. If IDP was successful, the provider will see the following message, Congratulations! We have successfully verified your identity. Please click Next to choose a passphrase.
  4. Click Next to create a passphrase.

Each time a controlled substance is prescribed, the provider's identity will need to be recognized with two factors: a passphrase and a token.

  1. Create a passphrase to access EPCS Gold in the future.
    • The passphrase should be an 8 to 16 alphanumeric code containing a lowercase, uppercase, and special characters.
  2. Create a security question and answer in the event that the passphrase is forgotten.
  3. Once created, the provider will see the following message, "You have added the passphrase successfully."
  4. Click Continue to attach the token.
  1. Click Add New Token.
  2. Enter the required information:
    • Token Name: A nickname for the token
    • S/M or Credential ID: The serial number from the back of the hard token, which starts with AVT, or the Credential ID from the token downloaded from the App Store
    • OTP PIN or Security Code: Enter the pin number from the token.
      • On the hard token, push the button. The pin will reset and change every 30 seconds. If it disappears, push the button again.
  3. Click Save when finished.
  4. Be sure to add multiple tokens.
    • Any combination of hard and soft tokens up to 5 can be added.
    • If only one token is registered and that token fails in the future, Kareo will have to wipe the provider's profile from the DrFirst database and start the enrollments process over again from step one.
  5. The provider will see the following message, "Successfully activated token with serial no XXXX."
  6. Click Done adding tokens. The system will log out.


Once the IDP process has been completed and the token(s) activated, the provider will receive a letter with an IDP Confirmation Code from Experian via USPS within a couple days.

If the mobile phone number provided in the User Registration is validated by Experian, the provider will receive a text message with the IDP Confirmation Code instead of receiving a letter.

  1. Once the IDP Confirmation Code is available, log into EPCS Gold.
  2. Enter the Experian Transaction ID from the letter or text.
  3. Click Continue. EPCS enrollment is now complete.
  4. To enable EPCS in Kareo, an Admin will need to activate the Logical Access Control (LAC).

The provider is now ready to ePrescribe controlled substances.



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