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Drug-Drug Interaction (DDI) Alert

A Drug-Drug Interaction alert message appears when a prescribed drug has the potential to cause significant interactions with other drugs in the patient's Active Medications list.

There are three Drug-Drug Alert severity levels:

  • Major Drug Interaction — The effects may result in death, hospitalization, permanent injury, or therapeutic failure.
  • Moderate Drug Interaction — Medical intervention is needed to treat effects; effects do not meet criteria for Major.
  • Minor Drug Interaction — The effects would be considered tolerable in most cases - no need for medical intervention.

Based on your Drug-Drug Alert notification settings (under prescription preferences), you have the following choices when an alert appears:

  • Select an Override Reason and proceed with the prescription.
  • Override the alert and proceed with the prescription​ without selecting an override reason.
  • Cancel the prescription.
  1. This Presciption: Name of drug you are prescribing.
  2. Existing Prescription: Drug in the patient's Active Medications list that interacts with the drug being prescribed.
  3. DDI Severity: Severity level of interaction.
  4. Details: Provides information about the drug interaction.
  5. Override Reason: Allows you to override the alert by selecting the appropriate check box(es).
  6. "Don't show this alert again": Check this box to turn off future alerts for this Drug-Drug Interaction.
  7. Cancel Rx: Cancels the prescription in progress.
  8. Continue Rx: Based on your Drug-Drug Interaction settings, click to continue prescribing the drug with or without selecting an Override Reason.
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