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Immunization Registry FAQs

Updated: 08/22/2022
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Answers to the most common immunization registry questions.

Question Answer
What is an Immunization Registry? An Immunization Registry is a centralized state-specific database that gathers information about vaccines administered to a patient.
How does a provider report administered vaccinations to an Immunization Registry? In order for providers to report who received vaccines (e.g., COVID-19 vaccine), the provider must be registered with their state’s Immunization Registry and enrolled for IronBridge.

Once they are enrolled, Kareo facilitates the transmission of data between Kareo, IronBridge, and the state registry to ensure vaccination records are being sent correctly.

After that, the provider is live and Kareo automatically updates IronBridge with the latest patient vaccination records each night, which is subsequently sent to the provider’s state registry.
Who is IronBridge? IronBridge is a third-party vendor that Kareo uses to connect to each registry. This includes direct submission of vaccine information recorded for a patient.
Does Kareo support Immunization Registry Reporting? Yes. Kareo supports Immunization Registry Submission and Syndromic Surveillance Reporting.

Note: Keep all supporting documentation for audit purposes.
How does a provider get started? There are multiple phases that each provider may or may not go through. This is dependent on the requirements and processes of each state registry. The phases include the following:
  1. Contact the state registry:
    1. Inform the registry of your intent to submit electronic data to them
    2. Obtain all the required information from them, including the contact name and phone number of the person who will be working on your request
  2. Contact Kareo:
    1. Submit a support case and provide information received from your state registry, including name & phone number of their contact
  3. Complete Enrollment and Testing:
    1. A Kareo specialist communicates with the contact at the state registry to complete the enrollment process
    2. The specialist works with the provider to complete testing with the state registry and IronBridge
Is there a fee? This service is included with Kareo Clinical subscription. However, some states may charge a provider directly. Please contact the appropriate state registry for more information.
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