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Document Hospitalization or Procedure History

Updated: 11/23/2021
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Document the patient's hospitalization or procedure.

Access Hospitalizations / Procedures

  1. Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name or date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) in the top navigation bar search box.
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's Facesheet page opens.
  3. Click History. The History page opens.
  4. Click Hospitalizations / Procedure. The Hospitalizations / Procedure page opens.

Add Hospitalizations / Procedures

  1. Click +History Item to add a hospitalization or procedure.
  2. Add Details:
    1. Select the Admission Date.
    2. If the hospitalization or procedure is Related To the patient's problems, select the problem from the drop-down list.
    3. Enter the Length of stay.
    4. To add a procedure, enter the first 3 numbers of the Procedure Code. Select the procedure from the results list.
    5. Select the Status of the procedure. Available options: Completed, Active, Aborted, Canceled, or Scheduled.
    6. Add Comments, if necessary.
  3. Click Save when finished.
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