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Search for Patient Education Topics

Patient Education is an integrated function that provides easy access, and search capability, to patient instructions related to each clinical encounter. Patient Education searches for accurate and up-to-date  information based on the patient's gender, age and diagnoses. You can access the Patient Education function from the top of a patient's chart or from the Plan section of a note.


Navigate to Patient Chart / Patient Education

  1. Enter the first 2–3 letters of the patient's name in the top search box. 
  2. Click to select the patient from the auto-populated results. The patient's chart opens.
  3. Click the Pt. Ed. button at the top of the patient chart.

Search Patient Education Topics

  1. On the Patient Education window, click on a tab to search for topics:
  • Suggestions:  Topics displayed on the Suggestions tab are based on the patient's problems, diagnoses or medications entered on the chart.
  • New Search: Search for materials not displayed under Suggestions using a keyword.
  • A-Z:  View a list of topics displayed in alphabetic order.
  • Categories:  Search for topics by category.
  1. Enter a keyword and click Go.
  2. Filter topics by age and/or gender.
  3. Hold: Click to add the information to a queue for printing.
  4. Lists the information in a queue for printing.
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