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Access Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is an easy way for patient's to view their health record online. By logging in at, patients can view their problems, allergies, medications, lab results and vitals. They can also message their providers and authorize access for a guest to view their account. A patient must first be activated through the Patient Portal tab on the patient's Demographics chart tab. Once a patient has been activated, he or she will receive an invitation email with instructions to register.

Patient Portal Dashboard

Health Records Page

  1. Patient's Health Records page with current care information.
  2. A patient can select to:

View Health Records - This is a view of the Summary of Care.

Download Health Record - The patient can save the Summary of Care to his or her computer as a CCD file and an HTML file.

Send to New Doctor - The patient can send the Summary of Care to another provider.

  1. Returns the patient to the Patient Portal dashboard.
  2. Access to the Health Records page.
  3. Patients can send messages to, and receive messages from, their provider.
  4. Access viewing patient bill and making online payments.
  5. Access to account settings (email, password), authorize a guest, and to view an account activity log.

To access Patient Portal as a provider and send or respond to messages

There are two ways to access secure messaging.

  1. Open a browser and type
  2. Scroll down and click the For Doctors link at the bottom.
  3. After signing in, click Messages at the top.
  4. Open a patient record.
  5. Patients who have been activated for Patient Portal will have a messaging button at the top of the Face Sheet.

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