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Navigate the Face Sheet

The patient's chart opens to his or her Face Sheet  which displays a summary of active medications, recently recorded vitals, active problems and current history information. The page also provides access to all the areas necessary for charting your patient's visits, as well as lists of priorities, reminders and messages associated with the patient.



Access the Patient Chart / Face Sheet

  1. Hover over the Platform icon in the top left and click Patients. The Patients page displays.
  2. Click on the patient's name. The patient chart / Face Sheet opens.



Navigate the Face Sheet

  1. Chart Tabs: Click to navigate to each page of the patient's record .
  • Face Sheet: Summary of active medications, recently recorded vitals, active problems and history information.
  • History:  Medical, surgical, family, social, OB and pregnancy (female patients only), and hospitalization history.
  • Problems:  Current and past problems/issues.
  • Medications:  Active and discontinued medications, with links to add to the patient's medication list, prescribe/renew/discontinue medications.
  • Immunizations:  View and record immunizations.
  • Allergies:  Drug and other allergies, including allergen, severity, reaction and date of onset.
  • Vitals:  Record BP, HR, RR, temp, height/weight, BMI, head circumference, SpO2%.
  • Notes:  Encounter notes such as SOAP, H&P, Memos, Psych Progress, Nurse Visit, etc.
  • Labs/Studies:  Displays all orders and results for laboratory, diagnostic studies and imaging.
  • Demographics:  Patient's demographic information, contacts, current and past appointments, and Patient Portal activation.
  • Account:  Patient payment history, insurance information, payment cards, and patient alerts.
  • Care Checklist:  Assists in documenting important information that is not captured in other parts of the chart for Meaningful Use.
  • Documents:  Upload or view a stored image, PDF or Word document attached to a patient chart.
  • Recall:  Turn automated recall messages for the patient on or off.
  1. Patient Photo:  Upload a patient photo to easily associate patients with patient records.
  2. Collect Payment:  For Kareo Clinical and Billing users, if a patient balance is greater than zero, the amount displays under the patient name. Click Collect Payment to process payment.
  3. Allergies:  Any allergies documented for the patient show up here.
  4. Priorities:  Any important tasks, messages or reminders.
  5. Clinical Recommendations:  Recommendations from the US Preventative Services Task Force database for the effectiveness of a broad range of clinical preventative services including screening, counseling and preventative medications.
  6. Action Buttons:  Easy access to common functions.
  • Pt. Msg:  Access secure messaging with patients who have been activated for Patient Portal.
  • Print:  Prints the entire chart, including up to 20 notes. You can either print as a PDF or use your browser's print function.
  • Pt. Ed.:  Opens up patient education window.
  • +Note:  Create a note for the patient.
  • Scripts:  Shortcut to prescribing medication for the patient.
  • Orders:  Shortcut to order labs/studies.
  • Exchange:  Download or upload information for coordination of care.