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Navigate Text Shortcuts Page

From the Text Shortcuts page, you can add, edit or delete text shortcuts. Text shortcuts created from within a note are also stored on this page. Any edits made will apply to future notes only.


Navigate to Text Shortcuts

  1. Hover over the User icon in the upper right corner and select My Settings. The My Settings window opens.
  2. Click Text Shortcuts. The Text Shortcuts page opens.

Navigate Text Shortcuts Page

  1. Click to select a list of all active or inactive shortcuts.
  2. Click on a shortcut name to make edits.
  3. Displays the shortcut text.
  4. Date the shortcut was created.
  5. The number of times the shortcut has been used. Click the arrow to sort by number of times used.
  6. Click +New to create a new text shortcut.
  7. Select one or more text shortcuts to deactivate or delete. Once selected, click Deactivate or Delete.


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