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Using Templates

Templates are used to streamline physician documentation. Kareo Clinical provides over 200 library templates. The Template Editor allows you to modify an existing template, rename it, and then save it as your own. Templates you create can be selected when creating a note. You can also share custom templates with other providers or clinical assistants within the practice.

Note: Templates cannot currently be deleted, only inactivated (meaning they will not show up in the list when using templates).

Access Templates

  1. Hover over the User icon in the upper right corner and select My Settings. The My Settings page opens.
  2. Click Templates in the left menu. The Templates page opens.

PF access templates.png

Navigate the Templates Page

  1. Click to view a list of all Active or Inactive templates.
  2. Click Set Specialty Filter to use a set of templates specifically for a specialty you select. Templates that do not apply to your specialty are moved to the Inactive list.
  3. Click Create Template to build a custom template. (See the Template Editor Guide for assistance.) 
  4. Click the check box on the left of a custom template and click Share to make the template accessible to other providers and clinical assistants in the practice.
  5. Click the check box on the left of a template name and click Deactivate to make the template inactive. Deactivated templates display in the Inactive list. 
  6. Click the check box on the left of a template name and click Set as Default to make the template default. The default template will persist throughout a note.
  7. Click the Template Name, Specialty, Last Update, or Type gray column header to sort the template list.
  8. The Type column indicates whether a template is built-in (System) or custom.
  9. Click a Template Name to view or edit details.

Template Editor

Editing and building templates requires a clear understanding of how the Template Editor works. Kareo offers a personalized online training session that will guide you through the template building process. It is highly recommended that you attend this training before attempting to work with the Template Editor. If you cannot attend the live training, you can view a pre-recorded training.

Clinical Template Editor Training

Duration: 1.5 hours

Prerequisite: You must complete Clinical Provider training

Description: During this one-on-one Template Editor Training, you will learn how to use the template editor. In the last half hour, the trainer will personally work with you in your account to build a template.

Template Editor Guide

The Template Editor Guide is designed to be used as a reference after attending the Clinical Template Editor Training.

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