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Publish a Saved Custom Note Type

Updated: 12/12/2019
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A custom note type that was created and saved without publishing can be published at a later time, making it accessible to all users in the practice. Users with the System Admin role can publish a note type, regardless of who created it. Providers can publish note types they created.

Note: Published notes cannot be unpublished, however, they can be deactivated.

Access Note Types

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on My Settings. The My Settings page opens.
  2. Click Note Types. The Note Types page opens.


Publish a Custom Note Type

  1. Click the name of the custom note type to publish. The Note Type Details window opens.
  2. Click Publish at the bottom of the window. A confirmation pop-up window opens.
  3. Click Confirm to publish the note type.
A green confirmation message appears at the top of the active Note Types window opens, and the group icon displays next to the note name.   Settings_Note_Types_Published.png
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