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Create Custom Note Type

Updated: 11/19/2021
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Custom clinical note types give providers the flexibility to document what and how they want to meet their specific needs. Once a custom note type is created, it can be shared with others in the practice. Custom note types can only be created by users with the System Admin or Provider role.

Note: Non-clinical note types (such as Memo to Record and Amendment) cannot be customized.

Access Note Types

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on My Settings. The My Settings page opens.
  2. Click Note Types. The Note Types page opens.

Create Custom Note Type

  1. Click the name of note type to customize. The Note Type Details pop-up window opens.
  2. Click Copy. The Create Note Type pop-up window opens.
  1. Enter a Note Name for the custom note.
  2. To rename a section, click the edit icon. The Edit Section editor opens. Then, enter the new Section Name and click Save.
  3. To remove a section from the note, click the trash icon.
  4. To reorder the list, click and drag the bar icon.
  5. To add a new section, click +Add Section. The Add New Section pop-up window opens. Click the plus icon in each section to add to the note.
  6. Save the note when finished.
    • To save changes, click Save. The new note type will be available to user creating the note and other System Admins.
    • To share the custom note with all users in the practice, click the drop-down arrow and select Save and Publish. Once shared, the new custom note type displays as an active note type for all users.
      Note: Published notes cannot be unpublished, however, they can be deactivated.
To make the new custom note type the default note type, click the heart icon. Clinical_NoteTypes_Heart.png
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