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Set Up Drug Favorites List

Creating the Drug Favorites List gives providers an efficient selection of the drugs prescribed most often when adding medications to a patient's chart or initiating a prescription.

Providers can also add a drug to favorites on the fly when prescribing a medication through a patient's chart.

Important Note: Once a drug favorite is added to the list, it cannot be edited. If necessary, delete the drug favorite and create a new one.

Navigate to Drug Favorites

  1. Hover over the User icon in the upper right corner and select My Settings. The My Settings window opens.
  2. Click Drug Favorites in the left menu. The Drug Favorites List opens.

Set Up Drug Favorites List

  1. Click +Drug to Favorites. The Add Drug to Drug Favorites List opens.
  2. Begin typing the name of the drug in the Drug field to see a list of drugs that begin with the first three letters you typed and select from the list displayed. You can also click Browse to choose a drug from an alphabetical list. The Drug and Label fields display the medication.
    Note: If a drug is not in the list, a Create custom drug link displays; click to add as a custom drug.
  3. Enter additional information if desired. Patient instructions, dosage and notes to the pharmacy will be entered as the default information when prescribing medication or adding medication to a patient's chart. This information can be overridden and customized for each patient.
    • Pt. Instructions: Enter prescription instructions or click Build Instructions to enter tabbed content.
    • Quantity: Enter a specific quantity or click the drop-down arrow and choose a set amount from the list.
    • Dispense Form: Select the type from the drop-down menu.
    • Refill: Enter a specific quantity or click the drop-down arrow to select it.
    • Allow Substitutions: Check the box if substitutions, such as generic brands, are allowed.
    • Pharmacy Notes: Enter any instructions for the pharmacy; these will not appear on the prescription label.
  4. Click Save. The drug is added to the Drug Favorites List.




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