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Modified MU2: Functional Measures Report

The Modified MU2: Functional Measures Report summarizes requirements necessary to meet objectives for attestation. Tracking your progress is important so that you can clearly see if your Eligible Professional (EP) is achieving the objective thresholds. By reviewing this report on a regular basis, you will be able to adjust your practices in order to achieve the thresholds within the designated reporting period.

Access This Report:

  1. Select the Clinical Icon from the top menu bar, and choose Clinical Reports. A reports window will appear.
  2. Go to the first dropdown that says "Audit Trail", and choose "Modified MU2: Functional Measures". Choose the additional parameters, listed below:


a. User: The attesting provider.

b. Date Range: The reporting date range. Please note that the end date cannot be a future date.

c. Patient: Defaults to All Patients.

3. Select the Print Report button at the bottom right of the page to generate the report. 

Navigating the Report

This report will detail the objectives EPs need in order to attest, and provides an opportunity for EPs to track their progress towards reaching objective-specific thresholds.

a. #: The number of the objective. An objective then may be broken up in one or more sub-measures. 

b. Measure Information: Identifies the objective, the measure that details requirements of the objective, thresholds the EP must meet in order to successfully attest, any application exclusions the EP can claim towards the objective, and what comprises the numerator and denominator of the threshold (if one exists).

c. Measure Values: The measure of the progress the EP is making towards satisfying the objective requirements. Value will say "Yes" or "No" if there is no minimum threshold, while objectives with thresholds will calculate based on the numerator and denominator displayed in Measure Information.