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Objective 6: Patient Specific Education


Patient specific education resources identified by Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT) are provided to patients for more than 10% of all unique patients with office visits seen by the Eligible Professional (EP) during the EHR reporting period.

  • Exclusion: Any EP who has no office visits during the EHR reporting period.

For an EP to successfully attest for Objective 6, they will need to provide patient specific education for more than 10% of all patient office visits. Patient education resources are located within Kareo EHR and the EP can access patient education from multiple locations in the patient’s chart and from a clinical note.

Patient Education is an integrated feature that provides easy access to patient instructions related to each clinical encounter. Patient Education searches for accurate and up-to-date information based on the patient's gender, age and diagnoses. You can access the Patient Education feature from various points of a patient's chart.


An EP must report the thresholds for this measure as generated by the Meaningful Use Functional Measures Report for the designated reporting period.   

Audit Documentation

We recommend that a copy of your Meaningful Use Functional Measures Report is placed in your audit folder and retained for a minimum of 6 years after your attestation.  Your audit folder will provide necessary verification if you are selected for a CMS Incentive Program audit.