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Objective 2: Clinical Decision Support

Measure 1

Implement five clinical decision support interventions related to four or more clinical quality measures at a relevant point in patient care for the entire EHR reporting period. Absent four clinical quality measures related to an Eligible Provider's (EP's) scope of practice or patient population, the clinical decision support interventions must be related to high priority health conditions. 

Measure 2

The EP has enabled and implemented the functionality for drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks for the entire EHR reporting period.

  • Exclusion: For the second measure only, an EP who writes fewer than 100 medication orders during the EHR reporting period.

Kareo has implemented five clinical decision support (CDS) interventions, in addition to the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommended CDS interventions. These interventions are visible in the right hand column of a patient open chart.  Interventions are suggested based upon a patient’s individual conditions.  

CDS interventions, Drug-drug interactions (DDI) and Drug-allergy interactions (DAI) are automatically enabled in Kareo. Preferences may be modified under Admin.


An EP must be able to attest “yes” to Objective 2 in order to fulfill the requirements.

Audit Documentation

We recommend that a screen shot of the CDS, DDI and DAI settings from the Admin section be placed in your audit folder. We also recommend that a screen shot from a patient’s chart, showing the CDS rules, DDI and DAI checks be placed in the folder as well. These documents should be retained for a minimum of 6 years after your attestation. Your audit folder will provide necessary verification if you are selected for a CMS Incentive Program audit.