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Set Up eLab Preferences

When ordering eLabs, you can create custom preferences that make eLab order processing easy.

Set Up eLab Preferences

Personal Settings

Set font size, alerts, and defaults for one or all eLab facilities.

  1. Click Configure at the bottom of the Create Order window. The configurations window opens.
  2. Click the Personal Settings tab.
  3. Enter the desired Preferred Test List font size and click Preview. The selected font size displays under the Preferred Test List on the left.
  4. Check boxes to select alerts and defaults.
  5. Click the Default Lab drop-down arrow to apply settings to a specific lab or All Laboratories.
  6. Click Save Changes.


EHR elabs personal settings.png

Preferred Test List 

Create a list of lab tests commonly ordered with the selected lab facility. 

  1. Click the Preferred Test List tab.
  2. To search for a test by order code, check the box, enter the code number, and click Search. Select the test from the auto-populated results. 
  3. To search for a test by name, enter a keyword in the Speed Search field. Select the test from the auto-populated results. 
  4. Repeat the process to add additional preferred tests. Selected lab tests appear under the Preferred Test List.  
  5. To remove a test from the Preferred Test List, click on the test name from within the Configure window.
  6. Click Save Changes when finished.


EHR elabs preferred test list.png

Orders of Convenience 

Create multiple-test order bundles that appear in the Preferred Test List.

  1. Click the Orders of Convenience tab.
  2. Click Add New
  3. Enter a name for the order in the pop-up window and click OK. The order name displays in the Orders of Convenience window. 
  4. Click to select the order name. The name highlights in pink. 
  5. Add a lab test to the order by entering the test name in the Speed Search field and selecting it from the auto-populated result list. Or, click on a test in the Preferred Test List to add it. The selected test appears under Member Tests in the Orders of Convenience window.
  6. Repeat process to add additional tests to the order.
  7. Click on a test in the Member Tests list to remove it.
  8. Click Save these Orders of Convenience when finished. The order appears in the Preferred Test List.
  9. Click Close to exit the Configure window.


EHR elabs orders of convenience.png


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