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Process an eLab Order

After a provider has prepared an eLab order and assigned it to another user in the practice, the lab will appear on the user’s Agenda. When processing an eLab order, you will select the lab facility, patient diagnosis, the test(s) you want performed, and the priority. When in the eLab Order window, you can also create a preferred test list for the tests you request most often.

Navigate to Labs/Studies

  1. Click Labs/Studies under Outstanding Items on the Agenda. The Labs/Studies window opens.


  1. Hover over the Clinical icon in the top menu and click Labs/Studies. The Labs/Studies window opens.


C navigate to labs studies.png

Process an eLab Order

  1. Click the Pending tab on the left menu. All labs that require action display.
  2. The lab type (Paper or eLab) displays under the patient name.
  3. Click Create eLab to view the lab order details and any comments. The Create Order window opens.


C process elab order 1.png

  1. Lab request information entered by the provider displays on the left of the window for reference.
  2. Select the lab location from the Lab Filter drop-down list at the bottom of the window. If the lab does not appear in the list, it is not set up as an eLab partner with the practice.
  3. If desired, click Patient Info at the bottom of the window to view patient demographics and insurance information. Click Close to exit.
  4. Click Configure to create custom preferences for eLab order processing.
  5. Add a lab test to the order as follows:
  • 8a. Enter a keyword in the Speed Search field to find a test and select it from auto-populated Search Results when displayed.
  • 8b. Check the "Search by order codes box," enter the test code number, and click Search. Select the test from the list.
  • 8c. Select the test from your pre-set Preferred Test List.
  1. Selected tests display in the middle of the window.
  2. Select a Priority of Routine, Stat, ASAP, or Pre-Op. By default, the priority is set to Routine.
  • 10a. Set the Priority for all tests by clicking the arrow next to the Priority column header.
  • 10b. Set the Priority for a specific test by clicking the drop-down arrow in the list item.
  1. Click X to remove a test.
  2. Click the arrow to view test details.

C process elab order 2.png

  1. The patient diagnosis auto-populates from the lab order. Click the arrow to change or add diagnoses.
  2. Leave the "Print" box checked to print the lab order for the patient or to send a hard copy with a sample to the lab.
  3. Check the "Draw at Service Center" box if testing will be performed at an offsite lab facility. 
  4. Bill To defaults to the responsible party listed on the patient’s chart (e.g., insurance). Click to change the responsible party, if desired. 
  5. Leave the draw date and time blank.
  6. The Ordering Physician auto-populates from the lab order. Click the drop-down arrow to change, if needed.
  7. Location defaults to Main Facility, which refers to the practice location.
  8. Click CC enter information for another provider to automatically receive results for this lab. 
  9. Click Comment to add an optional comment or instruction to the lab. 
  10. Click Place Order. A confirmation pop-up window opens. 

C process elab order 4.png

  1. Click Yes - Place this order now in the pop-up window to confirm. Your computer's print window opens.
  2. Print the order using your computer's print tools. The Labs/Studies window re-opens and a message displays at the top confirming the request was sent to the lab.

C process elab order 5.png

Test results transmit electronically from the lab to the practice. Results display in the Labs/Studies page on the Agenda and in the patient's chart with a status of Results Ready.  Once results are received, they're ready for the provider to review and sign.


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