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Process a Paper Lab Order

After a provider has prepared a paper-based lab order in Kareo and assigned it to another user in the practice, the lab will appear on the user’s Agenda. The order can be placed by printing it for the patient or by entering lab details on a preprinted requisition form.

Navigate to Labs/Studies

  1. Click Labs/Studies under Outstanding Items on the Agenda. The Labs/Studies window opens.


  1. Hover over the Clinical icon in the top menu and click Labs/Studies. The Labs/Studies window opens.


C navigate to labs studies.png

Process a Paper Lab Order

  1. Click the Pending tab on the left menu. All labs that require action display. 
  2. The lab type (Paper, Historical, or eLab) displays under the patient name.
  3. To switch the lab order format from paper to eLab, click the Open drop-down arrow and select Convert to eLab
  4. Click Open to view the paper lab order details and any comments.

C process paper lab order 1.png

  1. To print the lab order, click the printer icon at the bottom of the window. The printable version of the lab order displays. Click the print command on your browser toolbar or menu.

Alternatively, a pre-printed lab requisition can be prepared and given to the patient, or the request can be phoned in to the laboratory. 

C process paper lab order 2.png

Once paper lab results are received, enter the details into the lab order request manually or by attachment.




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